Where in the hell am I?

April 24, 2008

…and one

Filed under: ramble, thesis, update — John @ 6:59 am

Yep, met my goal, plus a page, plus I dropped in a figure and cleaned up a little bit of the introduction (which I think still needs just a little more work). Including figures and tables (and not counting 2 full page figures) I’m almost at 45 pages.
I think I might be able to sneak in a little time at work tomorrow to resize those full page images to a suitable dimensions to be added to the formatted document. Probably not time for much else, as the new every-other-week schedule at TxDOT keeps me a lot busier while I’m there.
I’m finding that I have to really really push myself to write while it’s light out. I’m not going to totally stop trying (because I can’t stay up past 2am every night) but I’m also not going to feel really guilty if I decide to read a magazine for a while instead, or sit with Kit Kat.
My goal for tomorrow is 4 pages. I’ll have to tape my shows, but that saves me even more time in the long run. If I hit that goal, I think I’ll be pretty close to having Chapter 2 completed!


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  1. go go go go!

    Comment by Colleen — April 25, 2008 @ 12:25 am

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