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April 25, 2008

mr. nice guy

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So one of my sources (which I’m currently discussing in the work-in-progress) is a master’s thesis by someone I don’t know, but who is friends with friends of mine at UT. Her work is directly relevant to my thesis, and the excavation actually took place the summer of 2004, after I left Belize for Texas and CRM.
I’m trying to be very nice in my discussion of it, but the thing is…it’s not a very good thesis, and I don’t really agree with her interpretation of the excavation results. I’m trying to dance around this in the text, because I can fully relate to the time issues she experienced, but I don’t think that’s the ultimate issue.
I’m not trying to rock any boats with this thesis, because it’s honestly not a subject I’m interested in at all, and therefore I have no desire to be pulled into the debates. I also know that there are some pretty big weaknesses in my own work that I can’t fix due to data issues.
I just feel like this person had a fixed idea of what they were looking at and interpreted their limited data set to demonstrate that their idea was right. I’m going to have to make a least a passing mention of my problems with the interpretations of the data, because otherwise I’d feel like I was tacitly endorsing it.
And hope it doesn’t come back to bite me in the ass.

Oh yeah, almost 2 pages written today during slow times at work, plus the image fixes. Of course, I then waited until almost 10 to get back at it…


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