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December 4, 2009

Fort Hood Day 2

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Frosty grass start of Day 2

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As the photo shows, it was a little chilly at the start of day 2. It was just above freezing, and the shaded grass was still frosty. It warmed up eventually, and by the middle of the day most of us had our heavy jackets and warm hats off.
We pretty much accomplished our quota, although we didn’t find a whole lot. No real evidence of a feature in the units I’m working on, despite what the profile showed. There’s been a pretty sparse artifact recovery and evidence of disturbance. I did find a badly damaged unidentifiable projectile point fragment, but it was not deemed “beer-worthy.”
We opened up some units in Area B, where a trench revealed three possible stratified cultural zones. These units are going to dig down and examine these possible strata. They found a projectile point base early on. Although too small to be definitively typed, it had Late Archaic (roughly 1000-300BC depending on who you cite) morphological traits. This is older than the Toyah phase deposits being targeted in Area A. However, the point was recovered at a higher elevation than the possible Toyah layer.
In Area D, the unusual rock slab feature was more fully exposed, but they didn’t get a chance to start removing the rocks to try and identify the function of the feature.
We ended up working a long day because the weather was so nice. It was also decided that the threat of snow was big enough that we were going to head back to Austin Thursday night, rather than work Friday in possible inclement weather and then head back in snow. As it turns out, the threat of snow was mostly that.
Right now, I’m not scheduled to go back out to this dig, but it’s still up in the air. If the East Texas survey project gets delayed, then I’ll be back in Fort Hood. Likewise, if the East Texas survey project only takes a week, I’ll be back at Fort Hood for the last week of excavations. So stay tuned!


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