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December 8, 2009

Another delay

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Well, this pipeline client keeps screwing with us. At first, we were supposed to mobilize today for Nacogdoches for 10 days. Then, it was 6 days.
Late yesterday afternoon, they called and postponed for a day.
Today, they did the same thing. In fact, it’s pretty likely pushed to next week now. They have very little access secured so far. Being close to the holidays AND hunting season, I doubt they will before the middle of January.
This happens a lot, with clients who want to get everything going right away, without having done any of the necessary groundwork.
In the meantime, I could’ve been used at Fort Hood. The guy running that dig wants me there bad.
There’s 4 other techs basically waiting around, not working.
I suppose it’s the nature of the job. I think the economic situation has a little to do with this too, because it seems to me like we’re letting this client dictate maybe a little too much. I’m not saying we should just tell them to piss off, since it’s a big job and will make the company money. I just think we should have said, “Well, let’s wait until we get a signed contract and you can guarantee access to at least 50% of the survey area.”
So, the crushing uncertainty that has been my life of late grows, and I once again begin to wonder if this really is right for me.


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