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December 10, 2009

Fort Hood Day 4

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4.11 Me skipping rocks

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Got shifted around a bit today. First, I finished my mini-unit. Nothing crazy, just some flakes and small bits of bone. While I was cleaning the floor for a photo, I cleared around a rock and found some additional pieces that matched up, showing that it had fractured in the past and was still in situ. This is important in showing that the deposits, at least in this area and level, have good integrity.
After finishing that, I shifted over to Area D, where the weird slab feature is. First, I spent about an hour clearing dirt off a wall to make a complete 1×1 unit. It was a good 30 cubic centimeters of dirt cleared and I worked up a healthy sweat in 35 degree weather.
After laying out 3 1×1 units, we started digging. 2 people dug and one screened. We ended up finishing 2 levels in each unit, basically showing that there was nothing there. The dirt was a really fine sandy clay loam, which was a joy to dig and screen.
So I dug 2 levels, plus finished the mini-unit, plus the wall clearing. I moved a lot of dirt! It felt so good.
We finished a little early, so we went down to Cowhouse Creek to collect chert samples. This is something important, because we can compare the locally available lithic resources with the lithic artifacts recovered from the excavations. It’s also a lot of fun, because we get to bang rocks together. Plus, skipping stones is completely encouraged as well, as shown in the picture.
We’re not finding a whole lot, which I think is starting to bore some people, but I’m totally loving this dig.


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