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December 13, 2009

Fort Hood Day 5

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5.1 Area D done

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This is a bit late, as I pretty much hit the ground running when I got back to Austin on Friday.
Day 5 (for me, Day 7 overall) was a short day, as the rest of the crew had worked long days on Monday and Tuesday. We left the field at noon, which meant we really only had about 3 hours of digging.
We did manage to dig four 1×1 units in Area D. The soil is a really nice sandy loam, very easy to dig and screen. The units are also practically sterile: two had no artifacts at all, one had one flake, and one had two flakes and one burned rock. We did pedestal a couple of larger rocks, so you can tell that we excavated carefully if expeditiously.
In Area C, the whole sondage unit was brought down to the target depth. Some of the other units will now be excavated to that level, and I think we’ll also work on the sondage unit and see if there’s a feature there.
In Area A, they’ve reduced the excavations to two 1×1 units by the trench. Apparently, they found remnants of the feature identified in the trench wall early in the week, although it was not very impressive. The low recovery from this area continues. The goal of this sondage is to reach the level of a possible feature identified in another part of the trench. Of course, this feature is almost 2 meters below the surface, so there’s still a way to go.
This upcoming week is the last week of excavations. Someone from the Texas Historical Commission is making a site visit on Wednesday, and we’re saving the slab feature excavation until then. A backhoe (or maybe a Grad-all) is coming out on Monday to strip a couple of small areas along trenches where features were identified, and to fill Trench B. The weather looks promising, which is good because we’re got our work cut out for us trying to get everything done.


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