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December 14, 2009

Fort Hood Day 6

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6.8 Projectile point in situ, found by me

Originally uploaded by texasrobo

It’s the start of the last week. We haven’t found a whole lot, although it’s often said that “negative data is still data” (and yes, I know data is technically plural but it just sounds wrong to say “data are”). It would be nice to have another couple of weeks here, mostly just because it’s been such a pleasant experience.
Today was sunny and in the low 70s. Absolutely perfect digging weather. We were in short sleeves and sweating in the middle of December. Everyone was in a great mood, and a lot of dirt got moved despite a shorter day.
The highlight can be seen in the photo: a projectile point, found in situ, next to a burned rock fragment. And, oh yeah, I found it! My field director was hoping for a Fairland point, which dates to the Transitional Archaic period, roughly 300 BC – 700 AD. Instead, I found a probable Marshall point, which dates to around 1000 BC (and is either Late or Middle Archaic depending on who you listen to, but my FD says Late). Ideally, we recover some charcoal samples from beneath the burned rocks in this level (even more ideally in a feature context) and compare those dates with the point.
This point was in one of the money units in Area C, where we’re starting to get into the level with a possible burned rock feature in the trench wall. I got the privilege, mostly because I was standing in the units when the FD was deciding who does what. I think he also knows how much this dig means to me, and how much I’ve been through this year, and wanted to let me have the possible glory. Thanks Steve!
Most everyone else was working on getting units down to the next target levels, in both Area C and Area D. One of the Area D units recovered a deer antler tip that looked to have been slightly modified and may have been used as a pressure flaking tool. Otherwise, just the same sparse debitage, burned rock, and bone fragments.
Tomorrow will be a big day, as the Gradall is going to be there (weather permitting) and the THC is showing up (I was wrong about the Wednesday date). Rumor has it that the SHPO himself will be one of those making the visit! Hopefully, they’ll be so impressed with the in situ point that they won’t notice my deep floors.
Looks like I’m back to my parenthetical ways…


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