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December 15, 2009

Fort Hood Day 7

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7.9 Feature closeup

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Well, I was apparently mistaken about the THC (Texas Historical Commission, and using the acronym may get me some extra hits, no pun intended) visit, as they are coming on Wednesday, as originally thought. Also, the SHPO is supposedly not going to visit the site, but will be at Fort Hood with a bunch of other THC folks for a meeting.
The Grad-all was here this morning. The driver they sent told our field director he had been working for about a week-and-a-half. He proceeded to pretty much destroy the two features we had targeted for exposure. The field director was pretty magnanimous about this, I guess he felt like it wasn’t the driver’s fault he was put into a situation he wasn’t trained for. Still, having the features destroyed is not good.
Fortunately, I defined a small burned rock feature in one of the money units (see photo). There’s a nice scatter of burned rock in both money units, but this is a very discrete cluster of larger size rocks, some fractured in situ. We’ll know more tomorrow, after the mini-unit is excavated and the appropriate drawings and photos are taken. In the words of Thomas Dolby, “Science!”
Other people spent the day trying to salvage the newly stripped features, or digging units in Area C down to the target zone. The 2×2 meter unit directly southeast of the money units is almost to the same level, with next to no burned rock. Goes to show how much random luck can be involved with trench placement and such.
The biggest surprise of the day was the recovery of a possible Paleoindian-age Midland point fragment in the new part of Area D. Geomorphological analysis of the deposits at that depth dated the soils to around 2500-4500 BC (or maybe even BP, didn’t listen too closely), while Midland points date to around 8000 BC (again, don’t take my dates as gospel!!!). So this is much earlier than expected.
Weather was much cooler but still sunny. I preferred the 70-degree temperature on Monday, but definitely couldn’t complain about today. Which is good, because it’s pretty much the forecast for the rest of the week.
Finally, while having some drinks at Applebees ($1 beers, yo!), my field director teased the possibility of one more week of excavation after New Years. If it’s up to him (or me), it’ll happen and I’ll be back. I hope my few readers will keep their fingers crossed.


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  1. Fingers are crossed!

    Comment by Dan — December 16, 2009 @ 7:48 am

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