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December 17, 2009

Fort Hood Day 9

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9.12 New area being cleared

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Today started with a surprise: rain. We were delayed for a couple of hours. I drank too much coffee to nap in the truck, and I finished my complimentary USA Today is the usual 30 minutes, so I went wandering. Among the things I found were a 1934 penny, a projectile point fragment, and a great overlook for taking photos of Cowhouse Creek.
Once the rain slowed down, it was time for more science. I spent an agonizing hour or so setting up and drawing a profile of the feature cross-section. Then, we pulled the rest of the rocks, added their elevations to the plan map, and collected all the matrix and other samples. Finally, I sorted the rocks by size and weighed them, finished the forms, and it was all done.
After spending a couple of days doing science, I was ready to move some dirt again. Fortunately, the field director wanted to open a couple of units north of the money units. But first, he wanted 40+ cm of overburned removed. I transformed into the human backhoe and started hogging out the dirt. In a couple of hours (and with a little bit of help), I had cleared an area 1.2 meters by 2 meters of 35 cm of overburden, for almost a full cubic meter of dirt. The picture above show the after.
Tomorrow is a short day. Everyone else is currently working in Area D, although some will move back to Area C after I finish removing the overburden (only 7 cm to go). I will also be in charge tomorrow, as both the field director and crew chief had to be back in Austin. Fortunately, everyone knows what they’re doing and we’ll only be digging for a couple of hours before shutting the site down for a couple of weeks and driving home.


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