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December 19, 2009

Fort Hood Day 10

10.2 Area D feature

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Short day on Friday. As mentioned, we had worked a couple of extra hours earlier in the week, plus we had to cover the site really well for the two-week break, and drive the 90+ minutes back to Austin. This left about 3 hours of actual excavation time. Still, we managed to get 5 levels done, and the slab feature in Area D is almost completely recorded. We also covered the excavations really well, and got back in time. Not a bad job of being in charge…
The feature is a conundrum. It’s a mix of unburned limestone and some burned rock fragments. It’s sitting on a lens of gravel. There was no evidence of burning within the feature, and no artifacts were mixed in. It may well be a natural occurrence, perhaps from flooding, although you’d expect more rock in the vicinity.
In Area C, I had some help finishing the overburden removal. We set up the units (using string even!) and began excavation. The recovery was much more sparse than from the same level in the money units immediately south. Our goal for this area, when we get back, is to excavate roughly 80 cm to reach a feature in the trench bottom.
Yep, we’re definitely coming back for four days in January, and word from the field director is that I’ll be on the dig! Of course, as I’ve said before, I’ll believe it when I’m actually sinking a shovel into the dirt. The schedule is perfect, as it gets me back to Austin late in the afternoon on Janiary 7, just in time for the National Championship Game!! I’d really hate to miss being in Austin for that.
Anyway, no more digging for a couple of weeks. Three days of office work, then holidays. There may be some blog updates, but the Fort Hood entries will resume January 3, 2010 (knock on wood).


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