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December 22, 2009

Mundane archaeology in the news

The New York Times had an interesting archaeology article today:


This is interesting in part because there was an archaeological discovery in Israel that wasn’t related to biblical archaeology (don’t get me started…). It also demonstrates, at least on the basis of the NYT article, how to do both good, important archaeology AND get in the mainstream media for being the “earliest” or “first.” It really seems like the investigators actually had all of the necessary data from their excavations to draw the conclusions they made.

This also reminded me of the McKinney Roughs data recovery in Bastrop, which was my first data recovery excavation and my second CRM project (ps: there’s a photo of me here) . The excavations were interesting, because we didn’t find what was expected. Instead, we found a few features, a few projectile points, a few stone tools, some groundstone, and a shit ton of mussel shell. Once all the analysis and mapping and such was done, we got some interesting results, showing a regular distribution of artifacts that suggests an occupation surface with distinct activity/occupation areas.’

I guess, after reading an article about finding a 2,000 year old house in Nazareth (of course, tied to Jesus and timed for Christmas), or the underwater excavations of some city tied to Cleopatra (which, while cool doesn’t really provide any new info to our understanding of the past), I was excited to read about something relatively mundane that actually related to what I do in my small, recent, part of the world.


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