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January 5, 2010

Fort Hood Day 12

12.2 Weighing burned rock

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Today started out cold. Mid-20s, wind chill in the teens. We didn’t cover our units, and so the ground was frozen about an inch deep. We didn’t really get any digging done until after 10 am, when the sun had finally started to thaw some of the units. Fortunately, there was some drawing and other unexciting elements of archaeology to attend to.
I drew the plan map of Feature 7 and the surrounding units, then did a cross-section of the feature. It turned out to be another flat, unknown cluster of burned rock, so I was spared the torture of drawing the cross-section. It helps that time is short and I’m a workhorse, so he didn’t want me spending a lot of time drawing when I could me moving dirt.
The photo above shows another of the “mundane aspects of archaeology,” in this case weighing burned rock. Click on the photo for a brief explanation, but basically all you need is a fishing scale (but not a fishscale), a bucket, and some burned rock!
Two of the other features were also exposed and investigated today, in area D-1 and area A-1. These are the features that were messed up by the Gradall. I guess it wasn’t quite as bad as feared.
The dig is winding down rapidly. At this point, we’re all about the features identified in the trenches. There’s one deep feature in Area C left to dig. We started taking some units down “human backhoe” style, and blew through a really nice burned rock hearth with abundant charcoal. That’s pretty much how it goes though: you tend to find stuff when time is short and you’re really trying not to find anything.
Tomorrow is also the last day, as the weather forecast for the rest of the week is foreboding. We have 10 hours to dig 6 levels, record a couple of features, and load all of the equipment in the vehicles. Then we’ll drive back to Austin, for a really long day (12 hours total).
At least I won’t be exhausted Thursday night for the national championship game.


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