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February 5, 2010

Another day, another log walk!

Log walk POV

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Well, the Milam survey was a letdown archaeologically. We had a really nice landform south of the creek, but the property line crosses the side of the rise, so we couldn’t access the really sweet spot.
HOWEVER, the survey was fantastic because there was another log walk! This one was not quite as long or high as last time (and yes, that is what she said), but it was a little more treacherous. The guy I was working with wouldn’t even do it (again, TWSS). I was so excited that, on the way back, I decided to try and shoot a point-of-view video crossing the bridge (click above!). I figured that if I made it, it would be fun, and if I fell, I could always send it in to America’s Funniest Home Videos.

After finishing the Milam survey, I drove back to San Augustine to meet the other crews. They had surveyed four crossings (woo!) and there wasn’t really enough time to start something new. So the field director decided that we should pay a visit to the Mission Dolores visitors center in town. And so we did. (click here for some info about the mission itself)

The museum is pretty small, and there’s no real indication where the mission actually was. There’s a small selection of arrow points, pottery sherds, glass trade beads, and various Spanish artifacts that were recovered from the excavations that located some of the buildings. I was most interested in the beads and Spanish goods, since I keep dreaming of finding some trade goods at Caddo sites.
There was a very nice old lady who served as the guide/docent. I get the feeling she’s kind of lonely, since the guest book showed that we were only the third set of visitors this week, and she pretty much followed us the whole time telling us about what we were looking at even though we could read it…but it was sweet, and she was very interested in archaeology and the history of the missions.
If you’re in the area of San Augustine (and I’m sorry if you are…), it’s worth dropping in and looking around. You’d certainly be making a sweet old lady’s day!


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