Where in the hell am I?

February 6, 2010

An eventful day

It started at Amaladeros Creek, which was impassable…except by a log bridge! This bridge was at least 12 feet above the water, and the log was not as solid looking as previously logs. In fact, I was the only one who would cross it, and I had to scoot on my butt for a while.On our way out, we had an encounter with an angry landowner and her dogs. To quote my Facebook update “

Just got berated by a 50 year old woman…naked and wrapped in an American flag…Poorly wrapped.”

And that’s all I’m going to say about that for now, because I want to tell this story in person a few times before I write it out!

Following this, we drove over to the area of the Swamp Log Walk site, to survey for a reroute that would avoid the site and the cypress swamp. My team started heading east from the road, doing our shovel tests, when the boss gets on the radio to call us back before we get to the railroad. Turns out, the civil survey crew had a run-in with a landowner there earlier in the day (presumably clothed).

Finally, we go to one more place where a reroute was planned. It’s not on our maps, and it hasn’t been staked by the survey crew, but it’s supposed to be obvious, and someone tried to show our boss on the maps. Well, of course, none of the above was true, except the lack of staking.

We didn’t cover a lot of ground, but it was quite a day, one I will never, EVER, forget.


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