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February 10, 2010

A visual challenge

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I’m still holding on to the naked lady wrapped in the American flag story for now, sorry!

Obviously, my job involves a lot of looking at the ground. Sometimes, you see something like this lithic scatter near Buffalo Gap, or this hearth near Tarpley, or this hearth near Glen Rose (although, to be fair, with the hearths you kinda have to know what you’re looking for). Other times, you see something like this:

I’ve made it easy, since the pencil is pointing right at a potsherd. And if you look at the photo on Flickr, I’ve even pointed out a small quartzite flake as well! As you can see, there’s a lot of background noise as well. Some of the leaves look a lot like flakes. There’s all sorts of small tabular sandstone fragments that look like potsherds. There’s also some natural small chert and petrified wood gravels mixed in there too.

We actually walked over this site back in January. Some of it is in an existing buried pipeline corridor, which has disturbed the site. It’s also caused a lot of erosion, which has exposed artifacts. The first time we surveyed the area, I noticed some small pieces of petrified wood, and even picked one up. This time, I decided to look more closely at the gravels in the erosional washes, and started noticing a few flakes mixed in. Eventually, we found 20+ flakes, 4 potsherds, and two dart points!

I’m debating naming the site the Walkover site, since we walked over it without seeing it the first time. Also, because I walked over a point that our field director then noticed. Normally, I’m the one who sees the artifacts that others walked over! But, since we found the site on Super Bowl Sunday and there’s probably a dozen “Walkover” sites already, I’m working on a name related to the New Orleans Saints. Maybe the Gono site?


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