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March 30, 2010

Welcome to Baylor County, Texas

overview of south end, facing S

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I’m currently in a hotel in Haskell, Texas. We’re surveying for a seismic project in Baylor County. Both of these areas are in the no-mans land (okay, that’s a little harsh) north of Abilene, southwest of Wichita Falls, and east of Lubbock. It’s not the Texas Panhandle, but it might as well be.
We’re surveying 15-foot-wide transects where they’ll be laying the seismic lines (no drilling, apparently). We’re surveying these areas because they might need to clear some vegetation (read: scrubby mesquite trees), for the wires. This might possibly disturb the ground to a depth of almost one foot.
Oh yeah, the land also apparently belongs to Upshur County, or a school district in Upshur County. This is almost a cruel joke, as Upshur County is in the East Texas Pineywoods and is in the heart of the western Caddo area. Whereas Baylor County is at the southern edge of the Great Plains, is mostly covered in scrubby mesquite, juniper trees, and prairie grasses, and has two sites recorded in the entire county.
So yeah, there’s no archaeology to talk about so far, and it’s not even really pretty. There’s some cool rocks, mostly quartzite and quartz (the cool ones). I’ll be here until next Tuesday or Wednesday, so hopefully there will be something to blog about.
Pictures from the first day here. I also put up some pictures of bands from South by Southwest, and from my visit to Ohio for my Grammy’s funeral (nothing weird, don’t worry).

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