Where in the hell am I?

April 21, 2010

Even more exhausted

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Today was not a lot of walking; today was a lot of digging and screening and thinking. Found a site, had to delineate with just one other person, and still had to do the myriad crew chief duties associated with the Survey from Hell. 10.5 field hours (including travel and safety meeting), 3.5 office hours doing paperwork, GPS downloads, progress reports, and I’m gonna have to finish my site form and sketch map tomorrow.

Oh yeah, we found a cool little site today where an access road is supposed to go. My co-worker even found a dart point in a shovel test that I started and then turned over to her. Maybe tomorrow I’ll have some time to post some pics and talk a bit more about the site (these mini-blog posts take about 5 minutes).

It’s Wednesday and I’m already into overtime.

My room has a nice big LCD TV and lots of cable channels, and I haven’t even had time to turn it on yet. I get up, eat, load my shit, work, get home, do more work (eat while working), shower, check email, then read myself to sleep. Glad I’m only having to do this one week of the scheduled three.

Tomorrow we’re moving to Tyler, where the hotel has a free happy hour for a couple of hours in the afternoon. If I have to take my laptop with me to the dining room, I’m damned sure not missing out on free drinks.

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