Where in the hell am I?

May 16, 2010

The Monitor

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…is the title of the amazing new Titus Andronicus record, and I totally recommend picking it up if you like epic indie rock.

It’s also what I’ll be this week at Caddo Mounds State Historic Site, which I trespassed on visited back in January, as discussed here. They’re going to be installing a new fence, or maybe upgrading the old one (and I wonder why…). There will be 300 postholes being excavated by an auger. My job will be to watch as it’s drilling to see if any human bone or feature-related material is coming out. Then, I’ll screen the auger spoils and collect the artifacts for later analysis and curation. Easy squeezy chicken greezy.

This is one of the only things that would actually have me excited about going back out to East Texas. This is one of the largest, most significant sites in Texas. It’s been pretty heavily investigated, beginning in the early 1920s with occasional work as recent as 5 or 6 years ago (done by some of my grad school classmates with help from my best friend Colleen {who is now doing fieldwork in the Middle East and working on her PhD at Berkeley and does a much better, albeit different blog than mine}). The site is best known for the three large mounds, but the area between the mounds and for a good distance outside was also heavily occupied, with numerous structures and features. So odds are that even the limited areas I’m investigating (9 inch diameter holes, 2 feet deep) will have some interesting artifacts.

It’s also good timing, as I sprained my ankle while playing softball last week. It’s not too serious, but it is sore and I have some limitations to my mobility. Intensive pedestrian survey is out for at least a month, as there’s no way I can use my right foot to dig a hole or climb a fence, and probably can’t walk 5 miles with equipment either. I can, however, bring a chair with me and sit and screen dirt, then move everything ten feet and repeat.

I’ll try and update this week with the results, and hopefully with cool pictures. I also still owe a thorough post about the Laredo job, and I’ve been working on something about smartphones as a very useful field tool.


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