Where in the hell am I?

May 18, 2010

Caddo Mounds day 1

Unfortunately, this is going to be short, as I’m exhausted. Today was 90 degrees, humid, sunny, no breeze and no shade. It was also longer and harder than expected (TWSS…).

We started in the hot spot, between Mounds A and B (which are divided by SH 21). Here is an iPhone photo of it, using the Camerabag app and the “Lolo” setting, which I think emulates a Lomo camera.

Looking towards the SHS area from the top of Mound A

There were 47 total holes in this stretch. From what I can tell, we didn’t find anything extraordinary or unexpected. Just flakes and potsherds, in varying concentrations. Can’t be too specific, as I/we (since I had help for a few hours this morning) don’t really have any time to do anything besides screen, write a quick note or two, and move on. Eventually moved to an area well away from the main site, where many of the holes had no cultural material at all. Still, takes about as long to screen a negative hole.

I spent a lot of time this evening catching up on notes and logs. Let’s just say that I’m paying back all the times I may have goofed off on the clock back in the office for the last few months.

Tomorrow maybe I’ll have more time to write a thorough update and post a bunch of photos, but somehow I kinda doubt it.


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