Where in the hell am I?

June 4, 2010

Back in the field, but with a twist

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Yeah, I flaked out on the rest of the Caddo Mounds week. Really, it was hectic as hell and I didn’t really find anything interesting, especially considering where I was working. Maybe a couple of small obsidian pebbles.

Tonight, I find myself back in Oklahoma, getting ready to survey some wind farms. After being put off for a couple of weeks, including earlier this week, they called yesterday afternoon and demanded that we get people up and working ASAP or they’ll find someone else. Reminder, this is a THURSDAY afternoon, after having to scrap a mobilization planned for Tuesday.

The twist: I’m here as a NATURAL resources technician, not a CULTURAL resources technician. I’m helping a biologist do jurisdictional waters determination/mapping and a general environmental assessment. Mostly, this will involve me helping take photos and GPS points and notes, digging shovel probes and recording the soil profile, and riding bitch on a 4-wheeler.

I’m doing this because all of our regular natural resources people already had unbreakable weekend plans, or committed to some other project. So my boss “asked” if I could go, in that way where it wasn’t really asking with the option of saying “no”. So I said yes, because I also didn’t have any unbreakable plans, I’m worried about not being billable (as in, not having work), and I’ve been spending a lot of money lately and could use a boost from the per diem and OT.

Later next week, I’ll put on my fedora and help out with the archaeological survey.


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  1. […] I was anyway, in Minco. I was here for a few days last summer, helping out the biologists. We got to ride around on four-wheelers. Amazingly, that wind farm is now completely built and […]

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