Where in the hell am I?

September 13, 2010

Back in the field…

Logs, creek, etc.

Originally uploaded by texasrobo

…and it feels surprisingly good!

I forgot how good it feels physically to dig. My muscle memory came back quickly, and it just felt right. I’m tired and sore in the best way. I’m excited to dig a lot more tomorrow.

I forgot how good it feels to just sweat your ass off doing hard work. I was only surveying for 2.5 hours today, and I sweated completely through my clothes. I could almost wring sweat out of my canvas belt. Being in Texas during the summer, you pretty much sweat just living. Just standing around in the day, I can sweat through a shirt. That’s gross. This sweat was almost cleansing.

I forgot just how good it feels to lose your mind in the work. All I had to think about was where I was going to dig my next hole, taking a few photos, and the actual task of digging and screening. It wasn’t like zoning out. It was using just enough of my mind to feel engaged, while the rest just stayed in the background, noticing the sounds and smells, not dwelling on anything or calling up all the troubled thoughts. It was almost Zen, and definitely not a normal state of mind for me.

Given my choices, I would rather not be back in East Texas, and especially not staying in Woodville. And yet, this seems like exactly the right thing to be doing at this time. I didn’t realize how much I missed this, how much I needed this.


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