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September 24, 2010

Sage aka Wyoming Day 2

2.1 sagebrush

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One of the constants thus far on this survey is sagebrush. It’s pretty much everywhere, in different sizes and concentrations. The smell is always faint in the air and on the wind, getting stronger when you bust through a big plant or step on a small one.
It’s kind of like a day-long aromatherapy session. While I believe in many natural remedies and herbal supplements (such as the daily ginseng pill I take and the “sleep aid” herbal tea on top of the fridge), I’m not much for aromatherapy. At the same time, I know that sage is used in some Native American rituals, particularly smudging and smoking. This is to cleanse a place, purify it, remove evil spirits and negative energies. A related use for sage oil is to deal with depression and anxiety.
This is all pretty meaningful to me right now. My life has been something of a stressful, confusing, manic mess for quite a while. A long, deep, sad, serious talk with a friend recently was a major wake-up call. Since then, I’ve really been digging deep, identifying changes that I’ve been too lazy or scared to make, realizing that there is a deep unhappy that I try to mask with superficial, short lived pleasures.
In a way, these daily walks through the sagebrush are cleansing, getting rid of the negative energy. I sometimes rub my fingers against the leaves to bring the smell out.
Yeah, I don’t get serious or personal on here often, but this is what was on my mind all day today. Sorry…

As for the survey itself, we got a lot done again. Must’ve walked 6-7 miles. I didn’t find anything personally, but we did record another rock cairn site. This one was an isolated feature, with no associated artifacts.
Other than that, it was just the sun, the wind, and some interesting rock formations.


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