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September 26, 2010

Wyoming Days 3 and 4

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Missed Day 3 because we went out for Thai food (suprisingly good for small town Wyoming, but a bit expensive) and drinks (my first beer in Wyoming, a 32 oz Bud draft for $4.75) pretty much right after work.

Day 3 was the first really hot day. I was wishing that I had not worn thermal underwear, and got pretty sweaty. Drank almost 5 liters of water in the field! Of course, it was also a pretty long day, with almost 8.5 hours of actual surveying covering a good 6-7 miles and a couple of big climbs, including Chokecherry Knob. There was not a cloud in the sky, and almost no wind. We found an isolated, unimpressive rock cairn, an isolated uniface, and a historic can scatter which will need to be recorded later. Pretty uneventful, outside of the heat, but we did get a whole lot of ground surveyed.

Day 4 began with a threat of record high temperatures in Rawlins (88 degrees forecast, but only hit 82), so I prepared accordingly. No long johns, a light colored shirt, and plenty of sunscreen! It turned out to be absolutely perfect surveying weather. The air was warm and the sun was out, but there was a steady breeze to keep the skin cool without gusting to an annoying speed. It was completely comfortable. The area we had to survey had simply stunning views. The best part of all was that all of the slopes were gradual, so no crazy climbs! Plus, the ranch road we used ran right through the survey area, so we were able to have trucks stationed to avoid long return walks. It was a nice break from the really long days on Friday and Saturday.

We had two historic cairn sites, but I didn’t help record them, as we broke into two teams of two. They were apparently not exciting, so I don’t feel like I missed anything but a steep climb! My co-worker Nicole made all the finds today, including a really nice dart point and an arrow point. The first site we found on Thursday has been the best so far.

I’m really enjoying this project. I’ve felt so relaxed, happy, at peace up here. It just seems to be the perfect situation at the perfect time for me, and I’m trying to use it wisely.

This week should be interesting, as we’ll be working much further to the east at least some of the time. This is in the vicinity of the North Platte River, which means a reliable source of water. Hopefully this will mean some larger sites with lots of artifacts, and maybe some different types of features.


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