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October 2, 2010

Blinded with Science…Wyoming Days 9 and 10

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Earlier this week, I was having a lot of trouble with my eyes, particularly my left one (and I now realize I could almost have used “Suck my Left One” as my music related blog subject). They were burning and itchy, and I was tearing like crazy. I could barely stand to keep my left eye open. At the time, I thought that sunscreen had gotten into my eyes through sweat, and mixed with some of the sand in the air here. After a couple of days though, it was still bothering me some.

I’m pretty sure now that I had actually burned my eyes slightly from the sun reflecting off the bleached out ground here. I had noticed that most of my co-workers were wearing sunglasses, but I wasn’t because it wasn’t really all that bright, and I was a little worried about missing things. But Wednesday I put on my sunglasses for the morning drive into the sun and forgot to take them off when I started surveying. Once I realized, I mentioned it to my co-workers and Wes said that he was wondering if my eye problems weren’t a sunburn from the ground glare. I’ve worn them every day since, and my eyes don’t bother me AND I’m not missing anything.

So I guess I learned something else in Wyoming.

Not many photos, and the updates are more sparse, because honestly things are pretty much the same every day. The best site was still the one from Day 1. The views are more or less the same, even when working in new areas. We’ve switched to the road survey, and the team I’m on has been really covering a lot of ground. Of course, this means we’re not finding anything very interesting.

One nice change was finding out this morning that we don’t have to record historic trash scatters, whether isolates or sites, unless they’re related to a potentially significant site (like a structure or some other feature). Regular readers and my coworkers know how I feel about historic trash scatters, of course. But here, this is extra nice because there are random beer and other old tin cans scattered all over the place, and it would slow things down dramatically if we had to stop and write up each one, or even each place where 3 or 4 cans might be strewn across a large area. There was a lot of temptation to just ignore them anyway, or…ummm…help them find a new resting place outside of the APE…so now we can write them off guilt free.

Four more days of survey left, then it’s back to Austin and a four-day weekend.


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