Where in the hell am I?

October 12, 2010

Back to the restart.

Back in Texas, back in San Antonio, working in a part of town I’ve surveyed a dozen times. But even more amazing, back on a restart of a project I worked on starting almost 6 years ago! We spent a few months surveying a new water line for San Antonio, which would bring drinking water from springs or aquifers to the southeast. The project got canceled pretty much right after we finished our survey! Now, it’s been started up again, with some changes in alignment.

It’s kind of weird being just a couple hundred meters from areas I surveyed back in late 2004 and early 2005 (for proof, here’s a link to my old Livejournal blog talking about it! note also that i was really bad about updating there too). This was my first real big survey job, after having been involved in two data recovery excavations and a test excavation. (tangent: I also helped conduct some karst surveys in the area during the late summer of 2004.) I was still pretty new and gung-ho, and thought every site and every artifact was important! I couldn’t believe that we would walk over a couple of flakes and not stop and record a site!

I have since learned better, and I walked over a couple of flakes today. A church key beer can too. Eventually, I’ll be skirting the edge of some of the sparse lithic scatters we DID record during that survey long ago and wondering why I was so insistent that it was a site. We did find some good sites (like the infamous Chupacabra site), but while going over the old site forms for the background review I actually remembered a few of them and kinda shook my head and smiled at my folly.

Pictures from the old SAWS survey can be found here.

Finally, today’s subject song is by the fabulous Peechees, one of my favorite bands from the mid-late 90s (who also ended up being friends of mine). There’s no video for “Back to the Restart”, but enjoy Mad Doctor off the same album, and check out the few live videos on Youtube!


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