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October 18, 2010

slow again

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San Antonio was quick and dirty, which is just what I wanted. No sites and easy access made things go very fast. There should be a couple more trips down there eventually, as more right of entry is obtained. It wouldn’t break my heart if I missed out on those, though.
I may well be back in San Antonio soon anyway, if I get sent down to do some construction monitoring at Olmos Dam. That’s pretty much right in the heart of the city, near the source of the San Antonio River. While the two sites that may be impacted sound interesting, I suspect that they’ve been mostly destroyed in the past, and the work is going to be on the fringes. I’ve done a good bit of monitoring in the past (note, this link is to a site I monitored at, not a blog post about monitoring), but never really found anything noteworthy. This is, of course, good for the clients!
I hear that our survey in the Texas Panhandle should be ramping up soon as well. I haven’t heard yet if I will be on that or not. I probably need to remind my boss that I need to be around from November 5-8 for FunFunFun Fest (and my birthday). I actually wouldn’t mind at least one session on that job, as it would be another chance to work in a new area, and there is some potential for cool archaeology.
That’s about it for now…


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