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December 1, 2010

Catching up with JLowe

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It’s been a month. It hasn’t seemed that long; I guess time has been flying. What with my 4-day birthday weekend (which included Fun Fun Fun Fest), hanging out with a new girl, and having my mom visit for the Thanksgiving holiday, it’s another case of living life getting in the way of writing about it.


– The monitoring project in San Antonio is on hiatus, for now, while they wait for the concrete to dry. I found out the day I left that the plan was to finish the hole on the north side of the creek, pour the concrete, wait 3-4 weeks for it to dry, backfill the hole, and THEN move to the other side (where the site is). I honestly don’t recall how many more days it took to finish the hole (5 or 6). Soon, we’re expecting a call telling us that work on the more important side will commence, and to send a monitor down. All I know is that it won’t be me.

– The final Fort Hood report has been published, and a copy is sitting on my coffee table! The draft came back with only minor edits, and a lot of compliments, and the final has also received a lot of praise from the client. This has made me quite proud, as I did a lot of the writing (and editing) for that report, and I’m listed as one of the 4 lead authors!

A particularly notable thing about this project is that it was only one year from initial permitting to final report completion. That included four weeks of excavation, artifact processing and analysis, sample processing and analysis, report production, and artifact curation. Contrast this to some of the other data recovery projects we’ve done (for a certain unnamed governmental agency), including one that was excavated in 2005 and still has outstanding analysis and an unfinished (really, mostly unstarted) report. Granted, the scale of the project was much larger, and there were major budgetary issues (i.e. a recession), but I still feel like this was particularly efficient. Military precision, I suppose. It was definitely a positive thing, because the data was still fresh and the collective memory of the excavators and supervisors was readily accessible.

– The survey from hell continues sporadically, and I haven’t had to be involved for a while! I will admit that I was a little disappointed to miss out on the last trip, which was focused on the area around the Sanders site, which is a major Caddo site along the Red River. But then I think of all the nonsense associated with that particular project and I feel better.

– I heard from a couple of the Wyoming people when they were back out on that project. It was a much smaller crew (only 4 people) and I didn’t catch exactly what part of the project they were working on. That was back at the beginning of November, so I’m sure they’re either done now or at least done for the winter.

– I’ll talk about what I’m currently working on in the next post which should be tomorrow. It’s something I meant to post two weeks ago, even though it feels like 2 days…

And finally, the video for Just Can’t Get Enough, on the early greatest hits album Catching Up With Depeche Mode



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