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May 6, 2011

Hooray for the weekend! Plus some links!

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I’ve been tired all week. And pretty cranky most of the time. A lot of factors, including the heat and lack of sleep from early travel times. So I’m really looking forward to this weekend to rest and decompress, even though I have a big stack of archaeology reports and articles here beside me.

Most of my plans involve working on my yard and my garden, coping with the horrible drought here in central Texas. None of the seeds I planted took, and the tomato and pepper plants are hanging on, but certainly not thriving. My peach tree has a lot of peaches hanging on it, but with this dryness I doubt they’ll really grow big enough to eat. It’s a lot of work, being an environmentally conscious homeowner, that’s for sure!

And now, a couple of slightly related (to each  other, not to anything above) blog posts to check out sometime this weekend. Both cover topics I’ve been meaning to blog about, and both are by fellow CRM archs.

Lucy at The CRM Field Tech Newsletter (http://crmnews.org/), who came up and talked to me after the Blogging Archaeology panel (and may be one of the only people I actually gave a business card to) has some good advice for people considering entering the world of CRM. She also uses a photo of mine!

So You Want to Be an Archaeologist

ProcessArch, at Process:Opinions on Doing Archaeology, answers one of the FAQs of archaeology: How do you know where to dig? He does a very good job summarizing what is really a long, drawn-out, multi-faceted response that usually makes the questioner tune out (or at least if you’re a chatterbox like me!).

Knowing Where to Dig

That’s it, have a great weekend!


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