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May 20, 2011

Week in review

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I had a hard time getting into my work this week. Having the long weekend and traveling made it tough to get back into the swing of things at the office. I really didn’t feel like sitting at my desk, trying to summarize 300+ page site reports, especially under a tight time frame (in terms of hours allotted, not because the report is due anytime soon). I also had to do a lot of logistical work for a metal-detector survey we’ll be doing next week.

I did have an awful lot of fun outside of work though! Tuesday night my team in the Alternative Softball League played against my other favorite team in the league. I had a good night in the field and at the plate, and it was a fun game over all, and my team won! Wednesday night was more softball, in another league that some of my friends and teammates play in. I played in one of the two games, and had my best game at third base ever. I also hit well and scored from first base on a single (I’m pretty quick for an old dude).

Thursday night, I went with my girlfriend and some friends to a Round Rock Express game. I had been wanting to go for years but never made it out, and I think this was my first baseball game since 1993. We bought general admission lawn tickets for 7 bucks, then sat in unclaimed seats along the third-base line. It was also Thirsty Thursday, which meant half-price beer! The game was a lot of fun, there were a couple of homers, and the Express won. Afterwards, my girlfriend and I decided to stop for a nightcap at our favorite bar The Liberty, and grab a late-night meal at the delicious East Side King trailer there (as seen on No Reservations). Ran into some friends, who were actually at The Grackle across the street for another friend’s birthday. So we popped in there for a minute to give birthday wishes.

Which leads to Friday, and deciding to take a mental health day. Getting things done around the house in a leisurely fashion. Will probably have a leisurely weekend, as it’s finally decided to rain in Central Texas, so the weather is humid and overcast and you never know when a storm is gonna pop up.


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